Posted on: June 9, 2009

Update 6/10: I haven’t found the album online yet, sorry! However, this youtube user was nice enough to upload five new songs from the album on youtube, so if you can’t wait, you can go ahead and listen to them there. The songs include Journey, Rock’n’Roll Radio, Do it!, Here Comes the Hero, Beauty Focus, and the full version of Good Day. Be quick in case they get deleted! They also took alot of pics of the cd and used them as the “video” part of the songs. :) Oh, and it looks like the passport is a “fill in the blank” toy after all. :/ Oh well. At least we get a cool dvd. LOL @ the emergency directions in the Do It! video! Particularly the pic where he’s holding the kid back during the fire. HAHAHAHAHAH

I love Pes and Su in this picture!

Here is a very long and disorganized review in case you’re out of the loop, as well as some news:

  • JOURNEY is out in Japan RIGHT NOW! Check out Japanese itunes, musico (click the speaker icons lol), or any other Japanese music site to listen to samples!
  • Promotional videos – Taiyou to Bikini, STAIRS, and Good Day.
  • The limited edition comes with a bonus dvd, 10th anniversary passport, stickers, and some Decocchao thing (they’re like crocs in teddy bear form. prob a drawing for one). The dvd includes three performances from Countdown Japan 08/09 (“SPEED KING + BLUE BE-BOP”, “Nettaiya”, and “STAIRS”), a new pv for “SpongeBob no Theme” and some voiceovers (?), and maybe some other stuff.
  • Somebody screwed up the Decocchao stuff…I think there isn’t enough? Whoops. The WMJ page and RS5 hp offer their apologies.
  • Fumiya and the others have said the album is like a big throwback to several music eras, including the 60s and 70s.
  • This Yahoo Auction reveals the limited edition! WHAT?! I did NOT expect the passport to look that cool! I thought it was going to be a little paper booklet like Tommy february6’s! I hope it’s not all blank or whatever inside though, like “fill in the blanks for your journey” or “put your stickers here” crap. Comes with a price though; no special packaging for the album itself lol.
  • If you want to buy the album, I would say CDJapan (link to your right) is the best deal, INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (yes, I’ve checked all continents :p). HMV and Amazon Japan intl shipping are rather expensive. I am not sure if YesAsia will include the passport book, as it’s not in the product description. I know, “just because it doesn’t mention it doesn’t mean it won’t come with it!” HOWEVER, YesAsia failed to give me the eco-friendly reusable bag with my limited edition Cut It Now! dvd that’s supposed to be included with it. I wasn’t really pissed, just thought it’d be nice. :/
  • RIP SLYME will be on Music Station this Friday to perform Good Day. idk how fast it’ll be up since it usually depends on how popular the guests are. I’m considering getting up early to watch it on KeyholeTV, but eh it’ll probably be up rather quickly, since Lady Gaga is supposed to sing and she has a large fanbase, so no point…
  • Btw if you don’t have keyhole, why? lol I might make a tv RS5 guide hah… If you don’t know, Keyhole TV is a small program that allows you to watch some Japanese tv stations and listen to some radio LIVE. Not all stations such as NHK or Space Shower are available, but TV Asahi and Fuji TV are. Some stations are on again, off again.
  • If you do have Keyhole, RS5 is doing this five minute thing on TV Asahi (テレビ朝日) at 24:10-24:15 Japan time everyday until Friday. I know few of you live in the US, but if you do, that’s 11:10am est. :p Please check your time zone with Japan’s if you want to watch it. I haven’t watched it yet since I slept in this morning.
  • So I watched some show the guys were on Friday on Keyhole where they made a telephone call. Ryo-Z, Su, and Ilmari did all the talking while Pes and Fumiya sat there looking pretty. The one show I’m able to watch, somebody uploads it on youtube. Oh and here’s another interview with Su, Ryo-Z, and Ilmari from two months ago.
  • Video message for Rockin’on Japan. Some Fumiya teasing (“ne, Fumiya?”). Loving Su’s new look! He needs to talk more.
  • I’ve previewed all of the songs on the album except for Beauty Focus (save myself one little surprise lol). The album is currently #5 on the itunes charts, and it’s only morning in Japan! Good Day is the most popular song, followed by Journey (probably because of the pretty melody and the world-famous autotuner), Rock’n’Roll Radio, and Beauty Focus.
  • GOO is saying that Pes wrote Journey, which is exactly what I thought as well, since it sounds like Nagare no Naka de (another Pes song) and it’s soft (Pes writes soft songs sometimes <3). Then again, they could be wrong…you never know. Ilmari isn't credited as a lyricist and he most likely did write some SINCE HE'S IN THE MAJORITY OF THE SONG. Btw, this kinda relates to love & hate, how Su wasn't credited but some of us swore we heard him in the chorus.
  • Yeah, um…I don’t think I’m gonna put up the album for download here, just because it’ll be EVERYWHERE else. Maybe, I might cave lol. If you need help finding it after tomorrow or so let me know. I’ll upload it when I find it. If I do find the dvd stuff though, I’ll most definitely upload that.
  • Rip Locks has ended for now. Tour starts on the 13th.
  • They’re doing another one of those RIP SLYME jokes about things, this time with JOURNEY. Oh man, lmfao. Can’t wait to see it. The FUNFAIR one is here if you haven’t seen it yet.
  • Remember that “Do it for your right” sticker we saw on the album? It’s a lyric in the song “Do It!” duh.
  • Here Comes the Hero featuring Tortoise Matsumoto only has Ryo-Z and Pes with TM I believe. The song has a blues theme.
  • Su wrote Hitchhike Girl with someone else. ヨースケ@HOM? The song only has Su and Ilmari, with a bit of Nami Miyahara. Is it a tradition to have duets on the album now?
  • Ilmari’s birthday is next Wednesday! It’s one of their tour dates.

I think that’s it for now. Thank you for your time. Probably will be back tomorrow.

3 Responses to "JOURNEY Round Up!"

D: D: I can’t find the album aaanyyywhere. I was looking for it and I found this… albumless… album.. review…


haha well it’s only 12:30pm in Japan and it just came out today. it will be up in due time. stores have only been open for a few hours.

thanks for all the info!
also for the videos and news on the album :)

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