More new music from JOURNEY AGAIN

Posted on: June 2, 2009

more eta: hq scans from WARP magazine, june 2009

I just really like this picture. o su

Su is teaching his last week in this episode. Next week, I believe that all five of them will be on the show since it’s the last one….where they will probably commence in airing the rest of the album. Yeah, if you don’t want to spoil yourself, you should probably stop here lmao. Excluding the intro, there are now three unaired songs left on the album.

Today, we only have one new song. Now, if you’d like to get straight to the point since our friend uploaded the entire show on nicovideo again…

3:22 – Journey (can I just say how much I love this song?)
18:44 – Hitchhike Girl

Man, the songs on the album seem short! HG is yet another beach-themed song (not beach boys!), going along with Taiyou to Bikini and SPLASH. It only features Su and Ilmari. There’s some dialogue between them too! The song is enjoyable. It’s probably one of those songs that will eventually grow on me (believe me, I used to hate EVOLUTION and now I love it). I do enjoy the speaking parts though, and I’m loving the beach/summer theme to it! The only thing I don’t like too much are all the pauses, which is probably why I’m iffy on it. Nami Miyahara is probably doing all the la-la-ing, hence the picture she took awhile back with just her, Su, and Ilmari. All in all, it’s a very Su-dominant song with Ilmari tagging along for the ride.

Btw, I think I’m easing off on the Ilmari gossip. I don’t think I care too much tbh for once, and besides, only they know what’s going on and they’re not letting us know anytime soon. We shouldn’t make any assumptions or judgments since we don’t exactly know them. :p If anything significant pops up, I’ll probably end up posting it on the LF forum.

A week and one day left! :D

eta: A brief video message from Su and Ryo-Z for Amazon Japan. The DVD on the limited edition will have a SpongeBob pv. omg, I hope we get to see this!

4 Responses to "More new music from JOURNEY AGAIN"

Hey, tina… do you know how to record these videos on niconico?

OMG!!! forget it!!
I’m always like that, right?
I know how to save it now… haha

girl we only have one week left! unless you’re trying to save other videos…? lol

Yeah! it’s okay now…

thanks anyway

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