Unhappy Endings

Posted on: May 10, 2009

ETA 5/11: I LIED, RIP LOCKS ISN’T CANCELLED. They’re just taking a break for the tour and such. :D They also aired a new song called “Good Day” for the first time. It will be on the new album. That’s all for now. :p

This morning, I learned from a fan’s blog that RS5’s radio show, “RIP LOCKS!”, is ending on hiatus. I scoured through the RL message boards and it seems to be true. :( I couldn’t find an official link, but I’m guessing that they announced it through commercials or something on Tokyo FM. There are five shows left, with the last one on June 8th, just a few days shy of the new album as well as the start of their tour. I’m going to miss my daily dose of RS5 pics!

So, I’ve been looking at my wordpress stats, and it seems that alot of people are interested in gossip about Ilmari specifically, with one search query saying “is ilmari from rip slyme married?” I feel so weird posting such personal gossip lol :(. Well, just two days ago, I was looking for any RS5 news/updates to report on on Hochi Shimbun (I think that’s what it’s called), typing “rip” into the search engine, and this article came up. It was only six hours old, and from looking at it, I saw that Ilmari was the main subject, and I recognized Nonami Maho’s name too. If you’ve been a long enough fan of RS5 or were part of the livejournal community to your right for five years (yes, this girl right here!), you’ll know that some news site said that Ilmari and Nonami Maho were living together. We didn’t hear any more news about it, so I guess the fans didn’t really dwell on it too much.

When I first saw that Hochi article, I was thinking, “oh, I guess it was true…they probably just got married.” I went on over to google translator (lol) and realized that it was the opposite. They ended their five year relationship this past March. Poor Ilmari. :( He was absent from Rip Locks in March! Anyway, they didn’t move in together until 2007. They seem to have broken up because their schedules were really busy (she’s an actress, Ilmari’s got RS5 and TB). The article also said that everyone expected for them to get married. They met at a party in 2004 and hit it off. It explains the ring that he wore on his left ring finger during 2004 and 2005 (I’ve seen him wear it in the MSta live of Tasogare Surround, my Cut it Now! booklet, and the Masterpiece Tour), apparently she gave it to him. A blog entry of hers this month said she was getting ready to move. I know celebs probably wouldn’t want to post about their personal life on their blogs, but she doesn’t seem negative (if at all, I think she sometimes mentions that days are tough sometimes) throughout March, so I’m sure the breakup was mutual.

You can barely see it, but the ring is definitely there. This picture was taken during the Rockin’on Japan Fes 2005.

Ilmari, we’ve all got your back! You’ve got millions of fangirls to fall back on! lol nobody on 2ch seems to care about this. They seem more concerned with Su and Kimura Kaela. Oh yeah, that Hochi article said that TB is still expected to debut in North America.

ETA: An article in english on the breakup. Thanks Ella!

In happier news, Fumiya said that they’ve finished the JOURNEY album! Yay!! Also, you probably already knew this, but I just realized that RS5’s second tour date falls on Ilmari’s birthday! Lucky fans!

Somebody posted Teriyaki Boyz’s version of Nettaiya from their Do You Like Japan? tour on youtube.
Also, there is a brief throwback to Party People, also from the Do You Like Japan? tour.

Exactly one more month left!

3 Responses to "Unhappy Endings"

OMG!! thanks for all info, tina!!!
I love the nettaiya version!!
and about ilmarikun… so sad…

poor ilmari… :(

Thanks for all the info

Glad to know that the album is finished! :)
I also like that version of nettaiya ;)

sad for Ilmari..

the album is finished? Yaii Super :)

I think the Nettaiya Version is pretty short.. -.-*

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