Open up itunes!

Posted on: April 29, 2009

Go to the Japan store (VERY last option in the country menu), search for ‘rip slyme’ and click on “Sponge Bob no Theme (DMD Single)” to listen to the sample (yess it’s available!). The first verse to me sounds like Ilmari singing with Ryo-Z. The song is rather…slower and “smaller” than your typical RS5 song. I think it sounds fine and even cute.

4 Responses to "Open up itunes!"

thanks for the info! the sample sounds good!! :)

Ohh thanks :D the sample sounds good :D

Ilmari broke up with his gf recently.

omg I was typing up my latest entry before I got this! haha. I love coincidences. :p thanks for trying to keep me updated on stuff though! I didn’t want to post it when I initially found out because I didn’t want to have a whole entry dedicated to just that (personal gossip lol), so I waited for some other news.

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