early morning update

Posted on: April 27, 2009

I have school in half an hour and I’m pretty much blowing off hw to do this but w/e

The official RS5 homepage has been revamped to accommodate the new album! Also, Amazon Japan is selling the limited edition at a lower price than the regular.

Well seeing as how all of the singles’ cover art/names are on the pic, is it safe to assume that some of the other tracks will be “Rock’n’Roll Radio”, “Here Comes the Hero”, and something Check? Also, on the background of the website– “Go For Your Right” and “Hitch Hike Girl.” It looks like SPLASH might be on the album too.


la la la

12 Responses to "early morning update"

thanks for the info! I love the new layout!! :)

ohhhh,thanks for the info!!!

So excitedddd

I bet the something check is security check…

I bet you’re right! Great observation Cintia! =]

Nice. I like the cover :D btw Pes looks strange is this picture o.o

yeah he still looks cute but that black hat makes him look weird lol

It’s because Pes was veryyy Photoshoped in this picture…

agreed, this picture was photoshopped to HELL…I mean, just look at Ilmari’s shoes! wtf

What’s wrong with his shoes ?? o.ô

they look super unnaturally shiny lol idk they really stick out

hahah… Ilmari is floatin’ hahah…

after I stalked his shoes, I have to say: they look a bit dirty… and you’re right, they look unnaturally and they stick out, but not shiny :P

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