Remember @ AP Bank Fes ’08

Posted on: April 22, 2009

Click on the video for widescreen goodness, wordpress doesn’t allow custom players. >:[ This was from last summer. MONGOL800 ain’t there, so stepping in is AP Bank founder Kazutoshi Sakurai of the popular band Mr. Children. He’s a decent substitute. I love Pes’s singing (la laaaiii~~) towards the end as he’s getting the crowd to sing along with them. I also enjoy their big jump at the end. I always confuse the summer concerts (rock in japan fes, ap bank fes, setstock…) because the guys are always wearing the same outfits (every year?) and the settings almost look the same, aside from the signs. Btw, I know you can barely see but I think Ilmari looks good all sweaty with screwed up hair and no hat at the end…but that’s just me. I know, I know.

I downloaded the flv in case it gets taken down jysk, so if it’s gone, I’ll probably put my copy up. I don’t think anybody’s going to be ripping the dvd since alot of it aired on tv I believe.

2 Responses to "Remember @ AP Bank Fes ’08"

yeah the YT is already removed TT^TT
want to see…

yeah it was removed a really long time ago…as with a majority of the youtube videos posted here :/

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