New Song for Chupa Chups

Posted on: April 14, 2009

A new song is included in a commercial for Chupa Chups lollipops. Watch it here. It doesn’t seem to have a name yet. It’s probably the song they aired on yesterday’s Rip Locks!, labeled as “untitled new song”. Fumiya said on his blog that he’s been “writing songs everyday”, so there’s no doubt that they’re working on the album (hence, no tracklist). OT but he mentioned awhile back that he keeps playing Left 4 Dead before bed, even after a long day, sometimes online with Pes. <3 Oh and here’s his b-day entry if you haven’t already seen it. I believe that girl he’s sitting with is Chii, his wife. She looks totally different from the picture I saw on a fansite, so I didn’t recognize her at first.

More details are out for the limited edition of JOURNEY. Along with the dvd of a new pv and the countdown japan 08/09 stuff, there will be stickers, and I think a raffle or something for Deko-Chao (Sega’s press release, japanese and pdf format), which is a toy bear with little holes that you can stick decorations in, kinda like the bear version of Crocs (except they’re not really as ugly lol). I think they’re giving away 1000? lol we’ll figure that out later.

Btw, I watched that Campus Night show that Su was on on Keyholetv (ugh he wasn’t on until the last half-hour of the two hour program). It was just him taking this girl out to a bar (not necessarily a date) and her and all the girls in the studio going batshit crazy every time he showed her something cool. There was a pink champagne bottle shaped like a pump (shoes), and then there was even more screaming when he got the girl to pour the champagne down a pyramid of glasses. Yeah.

Pretty sure that’s it for now. If you haven’t seen them, someone uploaded a majority of the 2004 Okinawa summer live on youtube and dailymotion. Just search for “rip slyme okinawa” and you’ll find them. I’ve seen everyone except Ilmari (and Fumiya but that’s a given :p) work the crowd (or raise the roof, w/e), so it was nice to see him do so for a change.

6 Responses to "New Song for Chupa Chups"

thanks for the info! The new song sounds good =)

I have to check out the 2004 Okinawa summer live; I don’t think I watched it yet.

Yeah you should probably watch it on dailymotion because it has mata au hi made, but youtube doesn’t. I really enjoyed this live, so you should definitely check it out. :D

I checked it out on dailymotion; I love that performance of mata au hi made; thanks!

The cm is kinda boring, but the song is pretty good :D

I’ve already seen and downloaded that Okinawa performences, they are good :D
There was also the Galaxy performence from the masterpiece tour in 2005 uploaded and that was the best! hihi

Yesss I saw that Galaxy performance a few weeks ago! the big group hump omg <3 And then when Su and Pes were doing ass-2-ass on the funfair dvd during Galaxy, and Ryo-Z and Ilmari creep up on them with their crotches…so good. :DDDD

lol I just saw that vid! :D :D
group hump!! haha ;)

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