Posted on: April 3, 2009

First off, amazon is reporting that Supreme will be on the new album (happy Karu? =D). The dvd will include 3 performances from the Countdown Japan 08/09 live and a new promotional video. No doubt JOINT will be on there, because the new year’s countdown is in the middle of the song.

ETA (4/9): Pes’s new hoodie is called “Twinkle Dolman” from the 09 Spring/Summer Opti collection. He sports the gray one obviously.

Also, RS5 did their own version of the Spongebob theme I believe. It’s only available for cell phone use right now of course.

Ok so everybody knows that Ilmari has a Finnish mom and that Fumiya writes most of the music. Here are some facts that you probably don’t know!

  • Pes created the Optimystik clothing brand with TypoGraphics in 2005.
  • In 2004 Fumiya married Chiaki Nakajima (b. 1980), a singer, model, and actress. She is also known as Chii…yes, the very one who worked on some of RS5’s choruses, such as Blow, JOINT, Night Flight, and Nettaiya. Thanks to “Back to Chiaki Nakajima…” and her wiki page.
  • Remember when Fumiya had to take leave because he was sick? The Japanese RS5 wiki is saying that he had dysautonomia, meaning his automatic nervous system wasn’t working properly.
  • Ilmari, Pes, and Wise went to Japan International School together.
  • Pes has two tattoos, not just the big obvious one. The second one is smaller and on his left hand.
  • One of Pes’s chihuahuas was in the Rakuen Baby pv.
  • Tasogare Surround and Nettaiya were one-shot pvs. Yeah, you probably knew that.
  • Su, Fumiya, and Nakai Masahiro of SMAP go back. Nakai was good friends with Fumiya’s older brother and they went to school together. Fumiya’s brother used to dance with Su. Su’s older sister dated Fumiya’s older brother.

if you’d like to contribute leave a message tyvm~

Yep, it’s another Optimystik shirt. :)

I really love Pes’s hats, and of course this is an Optimystik design. Pes is wearing the gray one in the picture. I wonder if those super cool white sunglasses of his are Optis too?

this entry is random but w/e, I love them, happy april o/
also if someone could explain to me why the sidebar kept fucking up today that’d be really great
half of it disappeared and then it had the most recent comments/posts available, wtf
I didn’t even touch it at all today, and it changed back the very moment I changed my password lol

9 Responses to "FUNFAX PART 1"

Ohhh, Thanks for the infos, tinaa!!!
Poor Chiaki Nakajima…
It’s a secret, but I saw Fumiya with another girl, with my EYES!!!
I dunno who she is… but i saw it!! and she wasn’t Chiaki…

if they were hugging maybe it was his sister…lol /hopeful

Well, I just saw them leaving the onzieme bar together…
Not hugging… hand to hand…
But they are not just friends… for sure!!
I know what I am saying!

yikes :( ugh…
so they were holding hands…were they flirting?! I know dumb questions but I want to know :<

yeah.. I think so…


Of course I’m happy, Tina <(^O^<)
~ Dancing in the snow ~
(okay it is spring already here in germany, but hihi)

̽ ✿ ~ It is Spring ~ ✿ ̽  

But, why are just 5 song listed?? o.Ô. I’m weard…

those are just some of the confirmed songs, 12-13 tracks are expected. they haven’t released a complete list yet :p

ahh okay :D

I wonder why they haven’t released a complete list yet…… hmz.

thanks for the info!
RS5 version of the Spongebob theme!
I know its gonna sound great! ;)

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