VMAJ 2009 Nomination!

Posted on: March 26, 2009

Everyone seems to be talking about it! I wasn’t gonna say anything since no one seemed to care about the Space Shower awards (Taiyou to Bikini was nominated for best conceptual video, whatever that is…they lost), but I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly because it’s the FREAKING VMAs.

Taiyou to Bikini has been nominated for “Best Pop Video 2009”! They’re usually in the hip-hop category, but it makes sense why that video is in pop. They’re up against Ikimono-gakari, Perfume, Lily Allen, and Katy Perry, so it’s going to be a tough battle… tbh I really don’t see what the big deal about that Katy Perry song is. RS5 is going to need your help, so please VOTE VOTE VOTE! Taiyou to Bikini may not have been your typical crazy RS5 video, but it was still great with the choreography, Su moving his ass, and the ending of course! Did anyone notice their hair at the end btw? ROFL. My favorite part of the video is in the beginning when they jump right into the chorus, and they’re all dancing in the background while Pes is singing.
They look so happy and that they’re having a good time without even trying or being forced to. Teriyaki Boyz was also nominated for ZOCK-ON! in the hip-hop category if you want to vote for them too. idk if you have to register an account there for your votes to count lolol. After I made my choices, I came to a page asking me to log in and my reaction was “dammit.” I know, I’m ridiculously unhelpful. If someone could leave a comment to help us out, that’d be really great…don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. Voting ends May 1st, show airs May 30th.

In 2002, RS5 won for “Best New Artist in a Video”. 2003 was even better, as Rakuen Baby won “Best Group Video” AND “Best Video of the Year”, with FUNKASTIC taking “Best Hip-Hop Video”. They won “Best Collaboration” in 2006 for BATTLE FUNKASTIC, and then last year they won “Best Hip-Hop” for I-N-G. Last year they couldn’t be there, so they had some video message. It was just Ryo-Z thanking everyone while Su, Pes, and Ilmari looked bored and Fumiya was missing lol. I was gonna upload it, but it was nothing special.

By the way, I’m done bitching about the official version of Supreme. lol I’ve been listening to it more than the radio rip lately. :D

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