What a Playa~!

Posted on: March 7, 2009

I was considering saving this for Fumiya’s bday post, but since it looks like there won’t be any news (or downloads :( ) until then, I figured that I might as well do it now.

I found Fumiya’s shortlived besidegames blog that he had a little over a year ago. He likes to play MotorStorm and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The systems he uses are the Nintendo DS, Gamecube, PS3, PS2, and PSP. Despite favoring MacBooks over VAIOs, it looks like he’s still sticking with Sony. Hey Fumiya, can you add me on PSN? I mean…I don’t have either of those games…nor do I speak Japanese…but I want to be your friend. :( I’m sure you have Little Big Planet at least rofl. Or we can chill and go bowling on Home…is that still region locked?

Fumiya iChatting it up with Pes and some guy lolol oh Pes. Fumiya, you should’ve just done the Apple equivalent of the underrated “print screen” button! Unless it wouldn’t let you? idk

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SU!! Pretty sure that’s him, he WOULD do that! Then there’s Pes being cute again, and I’m really sure that’s our darling Ilmari on the right. RS5 (or RS4 in this case? Where’s Ryo-Z?) proves once again that they are awesome without even trying. ♥

I found some scans on Yahoo! Auctions of the guys from the new B-PASS issue. The only thing I really understand (obviously) is the fact that Pes also likes to play Call of Duty (World at War), and Socom: Confrontation.

Fumiya’s going to be DJ-ing some party or whatever on his birthday. Boy, take a day off! YOU’RE TURNING 30! :p

Sometimes I worry that Wise, Verbal, or RS5 know about this blog. The blog keeps coming up for the most common RS searches, so who knows if they know about my crazy fangirling. lol

MOVING ON, Teriyaki Boyz finished their “DO YOU LIKE JAPAN?” tour yesterday. Okay, well…now what? I’ve heard nothing else about their US release (which would’ve been up on by now if they were still slated for March…if ever). I wonder if they’d delay it because of the Chris Brown shit going on. I know he didn’t do much for TB, but he’s still there and that might be more than enough damage. Anyhow, Wise has a new single coming out too. I’m just wondering what Ryo-Z and Ilmari are gonna do now. Are they gonna go make some new tunes with Pes, Su, and Fumiya? Let’s hope!

Oh and in case you haven’t figured it out (which you should’ve a long time ago lol) was cell phone only. :p It’ll be out eventually.

A big gallery is up at PINKY ON! TV.

Finally, after watching the latest Music Station ep that they were on, I believe that Ilmari is probably an Angela Aki fan. It would explain alot. For one, they were the last guests to enter the studio, and they’re supposed to stand next to Angela. What I think happened is that as they were walking towards that spot, Pes notices her and turns around to Ilmari and asks “Do you wanna stand next to her?” Ilmari then pushes him so that Pes is standing next to her (this is included in the clip I posted). She notices Ilmari pushing Pes and laughs.

We all know how Ilmari gets around women (um Hawaii-girl, BoA, Ayumi (possibly), Nettaiya (LOLOL who else understands?), playa indeed!). Anyway, I believe this is what happened because when Tamori and the new girl (idk her name) briefly talk to Angela and her song Tegami starts playing, Ilmari gets this huge ass smile on his face. OH IL, ANGELA IS MARRIED. IS IT BECAUSE SHE USED TO LIVE IN HAWAII LIKE THE GIRL WHO THOUGHT YOUR NAME WAS ASS-HAIR? Just kidding. ;) It’s okay, Angela is awesome, and I know, I’m an asshole. Again, if any of them are reading this…embarassment would be an understatement. But idgaf right now so w/e :D

After Satoshi Ohno (someone please explain him to me? he seems like a big deal) makes the cameraman follow him through his tree-door back to the seating area, while everyone is laughing their ass off Ilmari just waves to the camera. I just thought this was cute.

ps, THIS POST WAS SUPPOSED TO BE REALLY BRIEF. I intended to only talk about Fumiya’s gaming stuff, and I’ve been putting it off cause I’ve been lazy and stressed. And now I spent exactly an hour and a half on this post and it’s alot bigger than it should be. Hopefully it makes up for the lack of public entries lately. lol Sorry for those who actually wanted to read news about the music.

5 Responses to "What a Playa~!"

thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed reading it :)
Fumiya likes some of the same game systems as I do :D

Thanks for the links to the pictures too.

Haha, Ilmari is so cute in that clip.

Speaking of Ilmari, I just saw the end of the vid for Rakuen Baby; where he’s swimming in the pool. I didn’t see it in any other videos for that; I guess it was cut off. He was smiling…ah, he has such a great smile lol :D

for some reason freaking wordpress won’t let me do html comments. STUPID. I wanted to show you a gif a made of Ilmari a month ago lol next post I’ll put it up just for you! :) yeah I finally saw the Rakuen Baby ending a few months ago too lol why would anyone want to edit that out?

edit: eh w/e I edited the entry so you can see. I HOPE YOU’RE READING THIS! :)

Oh, I love the GIF you made; thank you so much!!!
I really appreciate it! :D :D
You are right, why would someone edit that part out? lol

thank you again!! :)

well, eventho it got cut out of RB pv.. the ending of the pv is very similar; Ilmari swimming around the pool

haha yeah I saw it, I guess they did multiple shots in order to pick out which one is best?

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