Summer Tour!

Posted on: February 25, 2009

I didn’t post this yesterday because I thought it could wait (aka LAZY), but I realized some other news would come of it.

RIP SLYME’S HAVING A SUMMER TOUR! It starts in June and then ends a little over a month later in July at Budokan. All the info is up at their official site. Ilmari and Ryo-Z are probably dying lolol :( Anyhow…does this mean that we’re going to get a new album before then?! I mean, what’s the point in touring with only two new singles since the last? Well…you’ve got Taiyou to Bikini, STAIRS, and watch out. All FUNFAIR needed was I-N-G, Nettaiya, and SPEED KING — two official singles, one cm/promotional song. The formula is the same!!

Btw does anyone know exactly WHEN Teriyaki Boyz is debuting in the US? I know in March, but WHEN? Do you think all the Chris Brown stuff is going to hurt them? Who knows. Even though I don’t proclaim myself as a fan of TB, I’d be pretty saddened to hear their album become part of the anti-CB bonfires…for Ilmari and Ryo-Z’s sake. Maybe not, since CB seems to be just a back up singer in the song lmfao.

2 Responses to "Summer Tour!"

Summer tours usually aren’t accompanied by an album release, actually. The album usually comes in the fall/winter, followed by (or slightly precceded by, in the case of Funfair) a winter tour. That’s generally the way it’s been since I started paying attention to Rip Slyme, anyway. I bet they’ll come out with at least one more single by the summer though. *crosses fingers for more than just one*

I’d also like to know the details for the TB debut. Even though I’m not a particularly big fan, I’d be so happy to see Ryo-Z and Ilmari at a live in the US.

dammit. I’m just really desperate tbh lol. well…their first three warner albums were released in july, so we can still hope? I don’t know. :p

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