Posted on: February 20, 2009

Post #2 for today

I’ve learned how to make password-protected posts! Yay! This means I can put up goodies! :) Please comment (email addresses are necessary to comment obviously) with either your favorite RS5 member, song, or album and explain why. It should only be one sentence, ie. “Ryo-Z is my fav cause he’s got great energy.” This is so I know that you’re not a bad guy lol. I will then email you the password.

Do NOT share the password!!! Nothing inside these posts leaves these posts!

If you are part of the RS livejournal community then you probably don’t have to worry about this. You can go ahead and ask though.

8 Responses to "RSV PSA"

Go on then, I’ll be the first! You know I’m not evil because I’ve commented before, but I wanna answer the questions anyway :-)

Pes is my favourite MC because his rapping style is far and away the best. Amanojaku na P.S.Y.!!! People never consider Fumiya though, and I think that’s rather unfair because it’s the MUSIC that I love about RS5 first and foremost…

Favourite album would have to be Masterpiece, as it’s the only one without any tracks I don’t like…

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite song, but since we’re talking Masterpiece I’m gonna go for M.I.L.K since it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Sorry, that was way more than a sentence :-P

My English is Bad, so if you cannot really understand which I write, I’m sorry. :D

Umm, who’s my favorite..? Ilmari, because I love it, to him listening. ~ His voice ~ x3

My favorite song is Joint, because that’s the song, why I felt in Love with them. n_n

And my favorite album is… umm, Funfair. No notion why, but I like this electrical[?] sound

I know, you just want us to write 1 sentence, but hehe ^_^

My fav is Ilmari..i like his style..and his voice. My fav song has gota be Tasogare Surround..this is the very first song i heard from rip slyme. and after that i fell in love with them

Hi, I wandered over here from the RS LJ community.

I’m one of those small minority of people that names Su-san as their favourite member. I find him absolutely hilarious and he’s definitely really fun to listen to. Can’t choose a favourite song because they’re all pretty much amazing (though I am particularly fond of both “Jigsoul” and “Island” at the moment). Favourite album is FIVE, hands down, but there isn’t an album of theirs I don’t like.

Aaaand…I wrote too much. xP I’m looking forward to reading and commenting on your blog!

I just really got into Rip Slyme recently, so I was so happy to come across this site. It’s so hard to find good English information on them.

Anyway, my favourite member is Ilmari because I love his voice and just how mellow and cool he is. I think I like Pes’ lyrics the best overall, though.

I really love the song Blow, because it’s energetic and it makes me smile, or Tasogare Surround, because it’s so soft and peaceful.

I guess I would say Funfair is my favourite album, since I listen to it the most.

Sorry about the fact that I completely failed at writing one sentence. I get carried away when I post about things I love.

My favorite RS member is definitely Ilmari. There really is something about his voice! Pes is also adorable :)

My favorite song from them is Dandelion! Everytime i hear it i feel so happy.

Hmmmmmmm. I think I love all of their albums <3

-Totally love this blog.

My favorite song is definitely Against. It always makes me feel so energized lol.

Hmmmm. I’ve always Loved Ilmari, simply because he’s so Handsome, and his sexy voice. But I find my self drifting off towards PES[Chibi-kun…lol] and Su.

My favorite song would def have to be Strange. Its a great song to listen to on a rainy day.

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