TERIYAKI BOYZ to Debut in the USA!

Posted on: January 7, 2009

The first post of the new year just so happens to be about TB. lol

Anyway, TERIYAKI BOYZ will be making their USA debut in March.

TERIYAKI BOYZ® is scheduled to debut in USA in March. First Japanese Hip-Hop group EVER to accomplish the USA major debut! 2nd Album SERIOUS JAPANESE (Japan Release : Jan. 28) is set to release in USA as well. Worldwide release of the album begins in Asia and Europe. Everybody in the world is sure to get a taste of TERIYAKI BOYZ® in the “Year of the Beef” – 2009!!

-from the newly revamped TB homepage

Will they be a hit? Utada Hikaru didn’t exactly do well enough to hit mainstream here. Then again, the new TB album is chock-full of popular guest artists like The Neptunes and Kanye. You could say the same for Utada since she had Timbaland, but the guest artists in the TB album are probably more “active” so to speak.

With this and the “DO YOU LIKE JAPAN?” tour, I guess that we’re going to have another RIP SLYME drought. Yeah, STAIRS is coming out near the end of the tour, but right after that TB will probably have to do stuff concerning their US release. :( It’s nothing against TB…I just love RIP SLYME more.

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