FUNFAIR Tour Tidbits

Posted on: January 7, 2009

A REAL FUNFAIR TOUR FINAL AT BUDOKAN dvd rip has surfaced on the internet. Just go through the links to your right to find it (it’s in an obvious place). I’m helping to seed it. The quality isn’t the best, but it’s tolerable haha. That dvd’s got some good stuff! Again, not committing the setlist to memory, I was surprised that neither JOINT nor Fa-a-ar were performed! JOINT I could understand a little, since that arena is HUGE and it wouldn’t have the same effect as a Zepp venue. (edit: well I’m dumb, they did do JOINT as specified in the nicovid links, they just decided to omit it from the dvd) But Fa-a-ar? It definitely should’ve made the cut!

Anyway, some interesting scenes include Pes sticking one of those leaf bugs on top of Su’s head, and then it switches heads through the group. Ryo-Z eventually tells them to take it off his hat and Pes and Su peacefully return it to a patch of grass. :) (you know, instead of killing it!) Then they cut to scenes of them backstage rehearsing for the tour, and actual tour scenes. They briefly show Ryo-Z backstage in nothing but a towel in front of everyone, and he starts taking off his underwear underneath the towel. COMA-CHI is there to rehearse and go through the choreography with Su and Ryo-Z. While COMA-CHI and Su are taking a break, Pes calls Ilmari down (“iru-kun!”), who’s standing in some room up above watching everyone. I think Pes asks Ilmari about what they should do with Zannen Boy, and it eventually leads to the both of them singing and dancing to EVOLUTION. It stops when Ilmari and Ryo-Z point out that it’s “evolution,” not “revolution” (or “levelution”), as Pes keeps singing! I love Pes’s hat in this bit! In the end, the both of them just play fight for ZB.

I won’t give the rest away for those of you that wanna watch it! Except that it’s a really great dvd. Weird that the Nettaiya and SPEED KING pvs weren’t featured, but they’re probably saving that for the next dvd.

2 Responses to "FUNFAIR Tour Tidbits"

Sorry, where is it? I’m obviously rubbish but I can’t find it (also I haven’t the patience to go through every last bit of every site :-)


lmao it’s jpopsuki. I’m nervous about linking to download sites directly cause I don’t wanna get them in trouble, but I’m pretty sure everyone else does it lol

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