Happy 32nd Pessy!

Posted on: December 27, 2008

Well, it’s that time of year again…it’s the 27th in Japan….PES’S BIRTHDAY! Awwww Pesss! Pes is such an energetic little kid, I can’t believe he’s already 32? I sorta think of Pes as the hero of RIP SLYME (but then again, they’re ALL heroes!). When Fumiya fell ill, Pes was there to save the day with Hot chocolate and Hey,Brother! Actually, Pes has written the most songs next to Fumiya. Don’t forget…Pes is a huge pervert. And he’s a little cutie. Pessy Pes…Chiba Masatsugu. I love how their birthdays are during the holidays (for the US anyway). I mean, think about it…Su (thanksgiving), Pes (Christmas), Fumiya (spring break or easter), Ilmari (summer), Ryo-Z (summer). haha.

Pes-themed songs for the day? Absolutely.

Today – The ending verse is very interesting to me. A great b-side. Oh…and he wrote it.

One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version) – First of all, not only was One their best-selling single, but this is practically Pes’s song. True, Fumiya arranged it, but Pes wrote it. If you listen to the CC version, Pes is singing his heart out. And that is why I chose the CC version instead of the original. Well, the original would suffice as well. :)

Rock it! – I swear, I’m not just picking Pes-written songs, but Rock it! is very Pes. It’s got his energy, and he closes the song. In fact, this song was good enough that it was performed on Music Station despite not being a single! Sort of a random performance? haha.

Case 1 STAND PLAY – Pes’s solo from TOKYO CLASSIC of course.

SHALL WE? – Pes’s solo from TIME TO GO. Call me slow, but I just realized this year that the low/weird sounding voice was his, he just tuned it down haha.

Niji – Niji is such a great song written by Pes. Everyone should listen to it today.

Tasogare Surround – Another acoustic work of Pes. Just watch the Music Station performance of it…which has been deleted off of youtube. :p If you look hard enough, you can find it though! But Pes is just plain adorable in it. Ilmari looks a bit bored and tired initially, but as soon as he notices Pes dancing and being cute, he lights up. No lie.

Mellow Morrow – Pes’s duet with Ilmari from MASTERPIECE.

Dandelion – Dandelion is a feel happy song…and, well, Pes is a happy guy. :)

SPASSO – I used to think Pes had written this, but in actuality Fumiya had. It still has a very Pes feel to it though! It’s a super cute song, and it SCREAMS Pes.

Hot chocolate – The “Pes-saves-the-day-and-learned-a-lot-from-not-having-Fumiya-around” song. Oh…and he’s a pervert.

Tales – More acoustic Pes! A hit with alot of people.

Zannen Boy – Pes’s duet with Ilmari from FUNFAIR.

Fa-a-ar – Pes’s duet with Ryo-Z from FUNFAIR…very Pes.

Nettaiya – Again, Pes is a pervert and he was imitating a meatspin with his flashlight in the pv. Yesss.

Nagare no Naka de – This was the perfect song to close the FUNFAIR album with because it was sort of a “unifying” song? Good job Pes!

Yes, I know, that was alot. Here comes what you’ve all been waiting for…THE PESSY SPAM!

That’s enough for now. I’m sure there are MANY more pictures I’d like to post…but tomorrow I’m planning on doing the Pessy teeth post. That’s a LOT of Pes. If you want more Pes pictures go here (lol no, I didn’t take all of the pictures here from them).

All pictures came from the links listed to the right.

2 Responses to "Happy 32nd Pessy!"

I love these pics. The pic of him on his birthday cake is so cute!!

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