The Christmas Post

Posted on: December 17, 2008

In an effort to procrastinate on my calculus homework (die), here’s a little Christmas post.

OK SO I FOUND THE SETLIST FOR THEIR CHRISTMAS CLASSICS SHOW FROM 2006. I think I want to slap myself for not watching the videos back when was still alive. According to the RS lj community, someone uploaded a majority, if not the entire show. was awesome, but they couldn’t sustain the site any longer and had to shut down. :( Back on subject; the songs they played live…god. I really wish I could’ve heard them. Some of them were songs I thought they’d NEVER do live. They did Island, Night Flight, DIG DUG, Niji (well, they occasionally do that one, OCCASIONALLY), Against, and Rock it! (also occasionally, but great nonetheless). I LOVE Island, and I think it would’ve been the cutest thing, even though Ilmari looked tired as hell throughout (lololol), with the exception of that smile he threw to the camera during Pes’s verse of Wonderful. Night Flight also would’ve been interesting, specifically during the choruses…yessss. Then there’s Tasogare Surround, but since there’s an orchestra, I’m sure they meant Asayake Surround. Anyway, there might be clips on…of course I have no idea how to navigate that site.

Here’s a list of songs to get you in the holiday spirit! Includes all songs performed in the show.

      Present~X’mas version~
      One (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version)
      Wonderful (CHRISTMAS CLASSIC version)
      Hot chocolate
      mata au hi made (bells at the beginning scream xmas)
      asayake surround (idk I always think of the holidays when I hear this)
      Night Flight
      Rock it!
      Tokyo Classic
      Underline No.5
      BATTLE FUNKASTIC (this sounds really good orchestrated actually)
      DIG DUG
      Rakuen Baby
      Zatsunen Entertainment

Soooo care to speculate on the next show? No doubt they’ll do Mata au hi Made, since they do it at every live. Nettaiya probably. Since Sonpub’s there I guess they’ll be doing StroboX. Supreme of course! Most likely One. Ok now I’m just making up excuses to procrastinate. Be back soon! I’ll try to have that delayed post o’mine before Pes’s birthday!

2 Responses to "The Christmas Post"

SPEED KING? In 2006? No way!

Funny what people associate with xmas. For some reason I find _Nagare no naka de_ to be one of the festivest things ever. Only beaten by the Christmas Classic version of Wonderful of course, which I was listening to on the way into work this morning! :-D

haha oh gosh no! Like you said, it’s funny what people associate with xmas. For some reason, I associate SPEED KING with it. idk, maybe it’s because it was an end-of-the-year single. It’s certainly melodious in it’s own way. I can sort of imagine them doing it at the upcoming xmas show.

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