Good Fellows @ JCB Hall Lineup

Posted on: December 4, 2008

Not like this helps, but for anyone in Japan who’s desperate to go to the Christmas show, just go to and look up “rip slyme.” Tickets everywhere. Just take caution, as usual.

Well, I’m completely blind. I practically ignored the guests that were gonna be at the Xmas show; actually, I didn’t know there were any, despite the fact that it was posted on before halloween. Hmm. Anyway, SDP’s gonna be there, you know, the guys who did that “Let’s go” song from the EPOCH album. HALCALI will be there too for a one-gig reunion. Then there’s Mellow Yellow, BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND, and Sonpub (StroboX, anyone? :) ). Yep, fitting all of that into one hour. has the shirt that they’ll be selling at the Xmas concert…yet another new design. Only 1,000 will be made and it’s at 3500yen. Comments on the shirt? Well, I think the whole Fumiya as a tree is really cute haha.

RIP LOCKS FINALLY ADDED THE LATEST SHOW. I looked at it, and realized, wtf? Why was there a delay in posting that? From looking at Ryo-Z’s clothes compared to last week’s, it’s pretty obvious they did two shows in one day. And Fumiya is apparently going to show some more unreleased stuff next week?

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