dancing in the snow~

Posted on: November 24, 2008

If you head on over to the Lip’s Rhyme forum, you’ll find the radio rip of “Supreme.” (thanks mishidabo! please register at the forum, they need more activity!) I’m assuming that’s Ryo-Z you hear talking at the beginning (and Ilmari grunts lololol), so it’s probably ripped from this week’s RIP LOCKS!

Hm? Oh. I actually like the song alot! I like it more than love&hate I think… It’s VERY Christmas-y (I love xmas music), and it has an orchestral/jazz 40s/50s feeling. PLUS, ALL MCS GET THEIR OWN PART. CHEERS! Pes sounds lovely singing, and his english has gotten very clear (lol tips from Wise probably). Su is also singing! Yayy! The girl who verses with Ilmari sort of sounds like the girl from Hot chocolate…I’m guessing that she is indeed Nami Miyahara, based on one of her more recent blog entries.

Nami Miyahara with the guys on Nov. 12, presumably for the recording of Supreme. Where’s Fumiya?

RIP SLYME seems to be heading towards a more melodious approach… I honestly have no problem with that. It could be the reason for all the digitalized singles.

Some pictures before I start a new post to bump the DFM picspam.

ryo-z’s new red hair

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