My Dance Floor Massive Wish

Posted on: November 21, 2008

As the third Dance Floor Massive comes to a close, there’s definitely a feeling that those of us who can’t/couldn’t go are definitely missing out. After all, it seems to be an every other year thing (2004, 2006, 2008), and they bring out their best during these little lives. Heck, it looks like Teriyaki Boyz are throwing their own little DFMs in February and March called “DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? TOUR”, seeing as how they’re performing at most of the DFM venues.

Wise sneaking a picture of Dance Floor Massive III two weeks ago

Do you know why Dance Floor Massives work so well as opposed to their other tours? It’s because the rooms are small, and, oh, THERE ARE NO CHAIRS. I’m watching the Party People live right now, and the audience is boring and seems bored (even though they really aren’t because it’s RS5 of course). They don’t even move. Well, I’ll give them credit. They sway. Then they wave their arms back and forth because the boys are doing it too. That’s it. Then I see that they can’t move and go crazy because there are thousands of chairs in the way. DFM on the other hand, is one fucking massive dance floor. You don’t go there to watch and observe, but to DANCE. I mean, COME ON, even the people who are in the back tiny upper balcony are dancing! Seriously, I watch the DFM II performance of JOINT and I wanna get off my ass and dance like I’m walking on fire. No lie, I’ve done it before. Dance to it, not walk on fire. lol Hey,Brother and Lovi were cute too. The VIP’S LIVE X’mas Dinner Show was also held at Zepp Tokyo (a DFM venue) and it worked too, but that was sort of an exclusive thing? I think tickets for that were more expensive.

Chairs and a motionless audience during the CHORUS of PARTY PEOPLE
@ 日本武道館, NOT Dance Floor Massive

And then there’s that Checker Flag “music video” that’s a compilation of various performances of the song. The stage is so huge and divided that it gets hard to keep track of the guys. With DFMs, they have a small stage that keeps them rather close with the fans. It lets them do more than just splitting up and running around to give all of the fans a good view. They get to fool around more often and rile the audience up the whole time instead of running around going “WHAT’S UP? HOW YOU DOIN’?” We get to see them act cute more often on a smaller, compacted stage. Big plus.

I know for a fact that Dance Floor Massives are the best. You see, tickets for the gig have been flying all over Yahoo! Auctions Japan. There have been positive testimonies. They look amazing on DVD, and I never get tired of them. A real disappointment for those of us unable to make any of them.

Which comes to the point of this post…how exactly do they satisfy those left outside in the cold? Easy: PUT OUT AN ALL DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE DVD. Nothing but two or even three discs of pure Dance Floor Massive gold, with some behind-the-scenes footage of course. But that’s it. Just nothing but Dance Floor Massive. No choosing their favorites like from the Rough-Cut Five or Cut It Now! dvd, both of which only had a few. I know it’s not as good as being there, but watching it is still fantastic. And besides, it’s not like it’s going to take away from future DFM sales, each one is different and it might even increase sales (not that sales are a problem lol). The limited edition gift could be a towel :*) or something cooler. I love my Cut It Now dvd, but I expected A LOT more than just a measly 108 minutes. I’m interested in that Funfair @ Budokan dvd, but I doubt it’ll have the same impact as a DFM dvd would. I would definitely get my hands on a DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE dvd. Count on it. Just get to it. Please.

There you have it. My advice on how to milk money out of us how to satisfy our RIP SLYME needs. I leave you with Dance Floor Massive II screenshots and some links to DFM videos at Kaito & Ilmari Presents. Sorry if it was tl;dr!


Dance Floor Massive II (2006) Clips courtesy of Kaito & Ilmari Presents
UNDERLINE No.5 (New interesting mix)
HOTTER THAN JULY (ganbari tokyo saikou da!)
By The Way/運命共同体
JOINT (finale, “last tune”)

yeah…I’m pretty sure I’ve crashed your computers with this + the suspam down below.

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