Posted on: November 20, 2008

Right now in Japan, it’s November 20th, 7:37 am, and that means it’s SU’S BIRTHDAY!! Su is now 35 years old! Our shameless baldy is the oldest of the crew, but he’s still all around awesome and we love him and his sexy, low voice. One of the things I love about him is when he busts out laughing. Oh Su!

Su-themed songs for the day:
Case 3 スーマンシップDEモッコリ (sumanship DE mokkori) – OBVIOUSLY! His solo from TOKYO CLASSIC.
TIME TO GO – This song he wrote ended up being the CD’s name.
Get Busy – He also wrote this, but it’s SO Su! GET BUSY YEAHHH
slowdown – Su songs seem to have an asian-theme to them…I like this one alot. He wrote this too.
135BPM – Su’s secret song after the main one from TIME TO GO.
朝焼けサラウンド (asayake surround) – Wow, a secret track after a bonus track…another secret song of his from the MASTERPIECE album. I just heard it today!
ベイシック・ライン (basic line) – Su wrote it for TIME TO GO.
Island – Just because his singing is cute :)
熱帯夜 (nettaiya) – Su is A+ in nettaiya. I mean, all of the others are at their best too. His sexy deep voice is great here and the way he flows through his verse is perfect.
パーリーピーポー (Hosted by VERBAL) (party people) – His duet with Pes. The end.
Hey girl! feat.SU – Su’s collaboration with Wise.

In honor of his b-day, I think this calls for a MEGALO SU-SPAM!! LJ/PICTURE CUTS DON’T EXIST ON WORDPRESS SO 56K PEOPLE GO BACK TO 1998 (lol actually I had 56k until two years ago…) jk :) If you’re apart of the RS5 LJ comm, you’ll know that I tend to have too many pictures even though there’s a cut….this is no exception. :p I’ve sliced down the amount of entries per page just for this and you! Enjoy, and happy 35th birthday, Kazuto Ootsuki Su-chan!

sources: Stylist Daisuke Kamii’s Blog, WISE BLOG,, CIN! dvd, RIP LOCKS!, Kaito & Ilmari Presents

all links are on the right-hand navigation, pictures have been resized, go to the sources for HUGE Sutacular versions!! Well, except for the dvd, those are the big versions right there lol. I’m not hotlinking these in case you were wondering, it’s just that my Rip Locks pics were on my old photobucket account lol

This post took an hour and a half…it’s called procrastinating on homework.
♥♥♥ SU

So, birthday picspams…tradition? Pes’s birthday is on December 27th…

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1 Response to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SU!"

I love these pics of Su. xD Hes so funny.
thanks for the post!!

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