oh…Supreme…not really.

Posted on: November 17, 2008

I lied, they only announced that “Supreme” will be released next Wednesday as another digital single. So check it out then. SBK was on this week and they did a song featuring Pes, so it was SBK central. lol the end. I love when Pes wears those sort of hats, it reminds me of Kyle from South Park.

Also, according to the Lip’s Rhyme forum, after “Supreme” the next digital single will be “STAIRS” sometime in December, probably Christmas week. It’s great that they’re putting stuff out, but releasing so much all at once…I really hope that by the time the new album rolls around that we won’t be sick of these songs. But then again, I’m not sick of Taiyou to Bikini yet (love&hate a little, still love it though). We’ll see. Maybe they’re going to use the songs as b-sides to physical singles so that people would have more incentive to buy them? It’d be a total shame though, there have been some great b-sides that some haven’t heard, such as UNPLUGGED (one of my favorite RS5 songs, I happen to be listening to it right now), the Christmas Classic versions, obsession, Night Rider, and I really could go on and on. lol @ warner being hush-hush about these digital singles because they’re probably not making that much money from them as they would from discs. UGH, I just want a new album!

In TB news, they’re doing a new song with Pharrell (lol him and Ilmari are my faves in “Zock on!”) called Work That. I’m not that much of a TB person, so you’ll have to sleuth for information yourself. lol

1 Response to "oh…Supreme…not really."

Awww no, definitely no album before the end of the year then! Bugger. More singles is better than nothing I suppose but what’s the delay this year? I wants my Christmas RS5 action dammit :-(

Unless STAIRS comes out in early Dec then they release an album in time for Christmas? Maybe I’m just being over-hopeful :-)

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