RIP LOCKS! 11/10 segment

Posted on: November 10, 2008

IIIIIIIIIII am not in the best mood right now, so I’m leaving it to RS5 to take my mind off of things. I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know much, but the obvious stuff is pretty good.

Ryo-Z and Fumiya hosted their little radio show just a few hours ago. For today, they had a little something for listeners…and a VERY unexpected announcement. Well, maybe not THAT unexpected…it’s just that if it were planned it would’ve been on the front page beforehand. Moving on.

Fumiya had some sound sources that didn’t quite make it to the FUNFAIR album. Aww, isn’t that little player cute? Anyway, he played two demos of the Introduction. I guess he made three different versions to choose from. He could’ve included them on the album, but you don’t want TOO many instrumentals you know? Remember Break beats ERA? Too long. Don’t get me wrong though, I really liked the Introduction, FROG, the one with that Skywalker dude from TIME TO GO, and others.

Ryo-Z seems to be aging the quickest…I can’t believe Fumiya’s not even 30 yet! I mean, he still looks really young, I just mean that everyone else has been past the 30 mark for quite some time now.

    RIP SLYME’s Bulletin:

      11/17 – The debut of a new song named “Supreme” on next week’s RL!
      12/25 – RIP SLYME presents X’mas Live 2008 ~GOOD FELLOWS~
      12/31 – COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09

Question…why are neither Ryo-Z nor Pes on the front page as next week’s teachers? It’s just the heads up on the new song…maybe we get our wholesome five doing it live? Probably not. Or maybe they just forgot. No way. They need to get with the audio clips.


That concludes today’s update. I feel better now lol. I used to do lyrics here…which I will get around to. Requests? Preferably those not in existance aka you can’t find them anywhere else.

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