love&hate @ YouTube

Posted on: November 6, 2008

full length! listening to it as I type! :)

by the way…only two sites have kanji for the song, one being this (the one used for the romaji) and the other being here. as you can see, the lyrics sort of differ, specifically on the english phrases. For example, the first has a phrase as “her love back,” and the second has it as “holla back.” I personally hope it’s “her love back” because it sounds cuter, but who knows. We’ll just have to wait for an official release of the lyrics, so stay put.

Oh…and check out the second blog (Kaito & Ilmari Presents). PLEASE! It is absolutely AMAZING in terms of video clips and picspams! 8324709234x better than this hunk of junk! Just click all the RIP SLYME related links in the right-hand menu when you get there. They have all of the pv remixes featured on the GOOD JOB! dvd (hillarious and adorable), a majority of, if not ALL of the Dance Floor Massive II clips (yes, I’m talking about the ones that weren’t included on the Cut It Now! dvd for some really dumb reason unknown to us), some Rockin’on Japan festivals, and a WHOLE lot more that I can’t think of. Their picspams of all the guys include pictures from magazine photo shoots, dvd screenshots, and some Teriyaki Boyz if you dig them too. There are two picspams of Ryo-Z and Ilmari, and of course Ilmari has the most pictures. There’s a set where Ilmari and the other TB boys are rapping/messing around with the camera (presumably from a TB dvd) and he’s waving a toy hamburger at us! lmfaoooo! Why are you still reading this? GO READ IT NOW!!


3 Responses to "love&hate @ YouTube"


By which I mean, both the blog (just found it) and the full-length version of L&H. Nice one!

Love this new song anyway. A lot better than Taiyou to Bikini IMHO (not that there was anything wrong with that one ;-)

Any idea if there’s a new album coming out at the end of the month? The last two came out in late Nov and I’ve come to associate their recent stuff with Christmas. Now this year I’m worrying that it just won’t be Christmas without a new Rip Slyme album! *hope* :-D


teens: Haha thank you so much for reading! Actually I like Taiyou to Bikini more, but I do love love&hate alot! It’s so jazzy and flirtatious!

I don’t know if there’s a new album coming out, but with the way things are progressing, maybe early next year…which, like you said, is a bit weird seeing as how they usually release albums near Christmas time. So you never know. :/ I check the Rip Locks! site every week since they usually make announcements there, so if there’s something, I’ll definitely let you guys know! :)

This is an awesome blog… hard to find Rip Slyme fans anywhere! Haha. Does anyone know how I can get the Love&Hate Single or something? Thanks in advance.

Thanks! Good to know that there are people reading this thing lol You can try jpopsuki, the LF forum or the lj community for downloads. All of them require that you join of course lol

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