love&hate gone digital

Posted on: October 25, 2008

So it appears that “love&hate” is actually a digital single. I found it on itunes japan lol. If only I could get my hands on it! The song sounds pretty good. Sample at MUSICO.

School of Lock! has the RIP SLYME report up from the recent Live Tour “YOUNG FLAG.” Some pictures there. Of course, they were last for the day and the tour. :)

Here’s their setlist:
1. Nettaiya
2. Supa Sonic
3. Taiyou to Bikini
4. Tales
5. One
6. Rakuen Baby

Sounds like it was a pretty good live!

And about the teeth post…I think I’m going to hold off on it until I get more evidence. lol One of Verbal’s recent posts has me doubting myself again, but not so much, so yeah.


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