slowdown & SPASSO notes

Posted on: October 15, 2008

I was looking at a picture of the Tasogare Surround LP, and even though it was itty-bitty, I made out that Fumiya wrote SPASSO, not Pes as we all thought. Whoops. I always thought the song had a Pes feel to it…probably because it’s cute.

Oh and I found the credits for slowdown from the Hot chocolate single on a picture of the LP…I happen to be listening to the song right now too lmao

2. slowdown
Words by RYO-Z, ILMARI, PES and SU
Composed and Sound Produced by SU
Used sample source performed;
Bass by Tsubasa Nakamura (aile corporation)
Trumpet by Yusuke Nakano
Recorded by Noriki Inada at Digi-Toga
Mixed by Yoshiaki Onishi at Bunkamura Studio

All Sound Mastered by Yuka Koizumi at Orange

I’m not sure about the last line, I don’t know if that says “all sound” or not

And another thing…it would be really great if someone had ripped the LPs so that we could get our hands on the instrumental versions. These include Dandelion, JOINT, BLUE BE-BOP, GALAXY, Tasogare Surround, FUNKASTIC, One, and Hey,Brother. I think they stopped selling LPs after Hot chocolate. :( Hot chocolate, STEPPER’S DELIGHT, and Rakuen Baby got LPs, but no instrumental versions to accompany them. oh well. But damn, it would be awesome to hear those instrumentals. I sometimes plug my headphones only halfway into my ipod jack so that I could hear “instrumental versions.” Fake, but as close as I can get!

this blog is now search engine friendly. lol that lasted 2 days

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