Stay Tuned for the Teeth Creep

Posted on: October 8, 2008

So…in the near future, meaning probably in the next couple of days, I might make a creepy post about Pes’s teeth…and how he possibly had them straightened?! It’s something that I’ve noticed for a few weeks now, but I had my doubts because the recent pictures were never really up close, except for that one picture on Wise’s blog, but he looks unrecognizable in that one anyhow (seriously, if it wasn’t for the “Pessy” caption/Pes mention, I would’ve never thought it was him, but it is his hat). However, I just saw a clip of them speaking in a booth at the rockin’on ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2008 and they did a close up on Pes and he smiled…which brought up the subject to me again. His teeth look pretty damn straight. Well, since I’m not making the actual post about it now, I might as well stop here. Just stay put in the next week! I’ll try to support my claims with pictures…and feel free to have any rebuttals to prove that I’m just a delusional fangirl. ha.

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