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Posted on: September 15, 2008

RIP SLYME currently has the DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE III tour coming up. Tickets are flying all over Yahoo! Japan auctions. They also have their School of Lock concert, also selling out (faster than DFM from what I’ve seen). DFM is in November at Zepp Nagoya, Zepp Osaka, and Zepp Tokyo. School of Lock “Young Flag” Tour is on October 5th.

sorry I know, boring post. :/ Let’s make it a tad more interesting…

I got their Cut It Now! dvd last week! I was ridiculously happy. It was the limited edition. Since I ordered it from Yesasia (arrived fast and safe and 56% off) and not cdjapan (sold out anyway), I didn’t get any kind of eco bag haha. I did get a sticker that I guess you’re supposed to put on the disc if you don’t like the plainess of it. It also came with a “Special Photo Book” which was sorta cute, but fragile and could’ve had more; it was a fold-out in a disc-shape, and they were all connected, no staples. Just some pictures of them live, I-N-G shots, a backstage pic from their Music Station appearance in late 2005 (I know this cause Ilmari was wearing the same afro Su wore, and he and Ryo-Z are wearing the same shirts as they did in the show), some random shots, and one of them and Quruli from some magazine shoot. Not much.

I really liked the picture on the inside of the dvd case. lmfao, it was a picture of them from their DISCOVER -Rip Slyme- movie. Pes isn’t wearing his sunglasses, so you can see that they drew a unibrow on him!omg he’s so so so cute in this picture! He’s my favorite in that whole movie because he’s so cute! I also liked when Ilmari popped out from behind the little tree when the announcer was like “Walking…smile. One more time…smile.” The costume wasn’t flattering, but it’s not supposed to be, and it was quite funny. Su’s audition seemed to be the normal one, it was so him. It was just him dancing haha, but hey, he’s good at it. :) Ryo-Z was just him bouncing around, and Fumiya’s made me laugh because of those horrid teeth.

The making-of…UGH WHY DO I SOUND SO BLAND??? :( Anyhow, the making-of was thank goodness, a whopping 15 minutes long, as opposed to the 4 minute one on ROUGH-CUT FIVE. It opens up with the making of the Hot chocolate pv. You see the little chocolate town, people fixing it and stuff, a guy pouring “chocolate” (idk if it’s real or not, doubt it) over a green screen table, and then we get to the dressing room where we meet our composer, Pessy! Pes grew out his hair (and got rid of that afro), and he looks really…normal. It wasn’t super long, like…it was just longer than your usual Pes hair. And it was plain black too. But you know what? He still looked cute. And then they take it away from us by slipping on a professor’s afro wig (which tbh looked better than his actual afro he had in 2005). He and the crew in the dressing room chat and laugh, he puts on his glasses, and then they get to filming. Ryo-Z, Ilmari, and Su are all goggled and hatted (is that even a word wtf) up, so you can’t really tell who’s who. They’re filming using the props in the pv, pounding and stuff. That’s it for HOT CHOCOLATE!!

After Hot chocolate is the making of the Hotei collaboration pv. It’s shorter than the stuff mtv had on their website. They take us into the room where Hotei is briefing everyone, Pes notices the camera behind him and tries too look at us like a little kid :*) awwww! PESSY IS SOS SOSOSO CUTE ahem. Then they cut to the scene where they’re rehearsing on stage. Pes and Ilmari jump in one of those ugly toyotas to check out the car and then Hotei checks up on them. I think Pes asks Hotei if he’d like to jump in, but then they climb out cause they gotta work ha. Everytime they play the song, it’s of Pes’s part mostly. Scenes of them filming the actual pv, Ilmari talking to Su about something, the end.

My favorite making! Lovi! Lovi was just so funny because they’re acting silly. In one of the shots in the pv, Pes, Su, and Ilmari were all standing on steps or whatever to coincide with Ryo-Z’s height, and then they step down. Of course, Pes’s were the highest lmao. There is then a 5 second montage of Su yawning all day long. Cut to the guys filming the opening part of the song that didn’t make it. Basically, they’re popping their chests to the opening beats. The metronome counts them off, and yet, Ilmari is the one who manages to not to start popping on time, resulting in Su laughing (or if he didn’t see, which wouldn’t be surprising since his hat is covering up the side where Il is standing, he’s just laughing cause he’s Su), they all pop again, and start laughing. They decide to keep going on, and let me just say that Ilmari looks amazingly hot popping his chest this time around. SERIOUSLY omgkladmflkdjg hehehehehhee :) Pop pop pop, Pes starts thrusting his crotch instead, and they laugh some more. He does it again. Haha they’re amazing. The camera pans to Ryo-Z while they’re all sitting down and he gives this “;3” look to the camera. Cut to Su filming his verse with the others behind him, Pes is right behind him, Ilmari walks away, out of the camera’s sight. Pes looks to where he went, and Ilmari jumps in front of Su when his verse starts and they all bust out laughing. Oh Il :) They dance the ending, and I spot another potential boner hehehe Yes, I know, I’m a pervert. Have been since middle school. ;) One more hit at Su yawning before moving on to the making of Blow.

All the guys (including Fumiya! but not Ilmari) get out of some van on their way to film Blow. Su notices their five-person bike. We go to a back room where Pes, Ryo-Z, and Ilmari are just chilling out with a mess of a table, littered with food and other stuff all over the place. In the meantime, Su is playing with the bike with two other people. He starts counting off (ichi, ni, san!), but then says something that garners a laugh. The four MCs are filming the chorus. They’re dancing around and start to get a little nutty when their vocals end, going in circles and Su tries to stick his hand up Ilmari’s ass rofl he gets away from him though. I love how Fumiya is completely oblivious looking in the background, just doing his job as a dj while the mcs are completely horsing around. Pes does a groovy shake at the end hehehe. This whole scene never made it to the final product :/ They seemed like they were having fun, but whatever. We see Ilmari talking to Ryo-Z about something, and idk, he looks extra pretty here (and he’s not wearing a goddamn beanie). I think it’s his hair being messed up from the beanie ha. With Fumiya leading them all, they try to film the ending where they’re taking off on the bike. Everyone seems a bit frustrated when we first see them…no one’s really looking at the camera, and Ilmari doesn’t seem very happy (yeah, he normally looks grumpy, but whatever). But then they’re trying again and they’re all laughing, Pes the most of all. Ryo-Z does it walking and when Su turns around when they’re done he goes “wtf?! why the hell are you not on the bike?” jk. idk what he says, but he really was like “HEY” lmao And awww they have matching white and blue air forces! We go in the back room again where everyone except Fumiya is chilling (why do we never see our Fu-chan backstage?). Pes grabs Su’s hand and sorta wacks himself, and then later on he says “what?!” and loudly slaps Su on the head lmao.

Rehearsal for Party People live. The camera is ready to greet our lovely Su, but as soon as the door opens he sprints inside and keeps on running, even though some ladies are calling him. We catch up to him completely out of breath, they ask all the guys about Fumiya, we see rehearsal of Party People, Ilmari talks about something for quite a bit. Su starts laughing when he sees the camera hahaha I love Su. He probably feels silly being dressed as a pimp…I mean, come on, we know Su is already a pimp, he does not need a furry get up to tell us that. Ilmari is dressed also, and he gaves a wave to the camera on his way out. The making of ING is mostly of Ryo-Z and his samurai stuff. We see some of the cheerleaders, but again, it’s mostly of Ryo-Z talking. Except at the end when Ilmari is talking about Ryo-Z and Pes and Pes snaps his head towards the camera. Oh pessy ♥

Moving on to the lives? The first two are Hot chocolate and Rakuen Baby from The X’mas DINNER SHOW!? [VIP’S LIVE]. You know, since I’m stupid, when I read the description I skimmed it to the point where I thought the WHOLE ENTIRE VIP live was going to be on the dvd. I was too excited at the prospect of getting a RIP SLYME dvd for more than half off. I was so excited to have the VIP live of One in good quality, only to realize it wasn’t on here. UGH I’m so stupid. But seriously, I don’t see why they couldn’t stuff more? Besides that, The Hot chocolate live is great, a good choice for the dvd. Ilmari sounds pretty hot in the opening going “HOT! HOT!” ♥ :) Ryo-Z…look, he’s awesome, but he sounded pretty horrible singing Ilmari’s intro. But then he makes up for it by going right into his rapping and toying with the mini camera the stage has set up on the floor! The camera then projects onto the huge screen behind them The fans love it! Everytime a member goes to the camera, the fans start screaming wildly. Pes is obviously being dirty by opening his jacket at it. All Ilmari has to do is sit there and smile and the fans went nuts. He turns his ass towards the camera at one point, and then the ACTUAL camera filming the live looks at Su shaking his ass and does this hillarious zoom-in-zoom-out thing on him rofl corny, but it works REALLY well.

The Rakuen Baby live wasn’t exactly memorable. Maybe it was because I totally loved the Our Music/Bokura no Ongaku version so much. The VIP just has an orchestra playing a jazzy version and their new outro RS5 verse. That’s all I can really say about it. It was just another performance. I would’ve enjoyed it if I was there, but eh.

Moving on to the DANCE FLOOR MASSIVE II lives! Something about DFM makes it stand apart from all of the other lives…which is a good thing. I love it, and I can see why it has become a tradition. I really don’t know what it is, but DFM is really great. I guess it’s because of how it’s just them, the stage is a little small, but the audience floor is HUGE (but not like arena huge). Not sure, but I really like it. No wonder tickets are going out on yahoo auctions (but then again…it IS RIP SLYME, when wouldn’t they sell out of tickets?). Hey, Brother was pretty awesome with Su sitting on Ryo-Z’s lap. Ilmari taunts Su a little bit. Lovi was nice, until Kishida’s Mellow Yellow crap was on it’s own at the end. ew. JOINT was pumped as usual, but nonetheless it was great.

I didn’t really care for the live with Bose and Ani. I don’t like the song honestly and the performance wasn’t super special either. Party People was great, but I think some of the dancers looked lost rofl. Pes was such a happy little kid in it. You could watch that and Wonderful on youtube, where they do their cute little dance! The Funkastic~choi battle~ replaced Hotei’s guitar with the orchestra, and it sounded great. Ilmari tried beatboxing, but the prerecorded track overrode his live voice, so you could only hear him gasp hehehe.

I love the dvd, but it’s too damn short. 108 minutes. Now I want more but I am broke :(

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