first fandom post? 太陽とビキニ!!!!

Posted on: August 14, 2008

Okay, I’m trying to chill from all the lyrics stuff. So here is the first fandom/news/whatever post! Um, this is going to be completely unorganized. lol sorry, but it’s late and my back hurts and I’m bored. :|

RIP SLYME just released their first 2008 single “太陽とビキニ” [Taiyou to Bikini] (Sunshine and Bikini)!! Well actually, the PV has been out for awhile now, and the single came out on July 30th lol. But hey, it’s been NINE freaking months since we’ve heard ANYTHING from them! Nine long months. Well, since I just got back into them, I didn’t notice lol, but enough about that. I wonder what made them take such a longass break? I saw from WISE’s blog that TERIYAKI BOYZ were together again recently. hmm.

BACK TO 太陽とビキニ. It’s a great great great track. Probably not their super best, but nonetheless it’s wonderful. It has a Beach Boys theme to it. Pes doesn’t have a verse, but he’s the lead on the chorus and he suits the song very well with his singing voice. :) Ilmari’s outro is good too. God, I LOVE his voice. It’s just so good hahaa. In fact, it’s so good that I’m pretty sure that WMJ is releasing a RINGTONE of it!!! Not sure, they’re doing some kind of promotional cell phone jazz with the new single. Also, the boys were back on Music Station on the 1st performing the song. Lots and lots of girls, but it’s a cute performance, bringing back the choreography. You know what else is cute? The fact that they’re wearing the exact same shirts as in the PV (EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT ILMARI IS WEARING A HAT, WTF =[), and their little dance during the sponsor message. It was so cute that all of the other musicians were laughing (not at, WITH them, they were amused!) and the little girl who sang the theme song from Miyazaki’s Ponyo movie tried to dance along with them too! And Ilmari is really happy during their little talk. In past interviews, he’s always looking down and uncomfortable (i.e. JOINT, tasogare surround, Dandelion), but he’s smiling throughout and sitting up straight and even answering questions first! yayyy il-chan ♥

SPLASH is the second track for the single. It was used for an AXE CM. The video is a bit amusing, but being the girl I am, I didn’t care too much for the girl. I’m not saying that it was a horrible idea, it’s just my personal opinion. The song is decent. I love how Pes is trying to…seductive in his verse? People have noted that it sounded strange, but I like it, especially how he all of a sudden gets high pitched when he gets to THREE while counting. I have no idea what language they’re speaking in the intro. The guy sounds like Ryo-Z, but I don’t think they’re speaking in Japanese or English. As for the controversial act (fandom-wise) of when they’re pulling out the Axe sprays at the end of the PV…agreed, it’s commercial, but I think of it as poking fun at the cliche of the Axe commercials.

Supa Sonic was written by Pes. The chorus involves singing, and who better to sing than Pes and Ilmari? Yes yes, they sing the chorus. As for verses, I have to say that Ryo-Z’s is my favorite. I love the musical arrangement during his part, and he himself just flows on with it. YEAH RYO-Z! Supa Sonic was used for SoniQ…I’m too lazy to look that up tbh.

If you’re wondering…Hey, Brother from Mamiya Kyoudai was written by Pes. I figured, since it was written during Fumiya’s absence and it was acoustic. Plus, Pes writes the most next to Fumiya. Ilmari writes music too, but I think he has to collaborate with someone like Hirotaka Mori; I don’t think he’s done it on his own. Not sure. Su rarely, but has, composed. Ryo-Z has only worked on StroboX with SONPUB (outstanding track btw).

edit: hi I took the pics down because the uncomfort got the best of me. if you wanna see them, either go through Wise’s old blog or join the RS5 LJ community to your right.

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